Contributing on 101

Session Theme
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Thousands of people have contributed thousands of hours to make Drupal what it is. 
If you work with Drupal, you should seriously consider becoming one of these people.
It's good for the community; it's good for you; and it's good for your career options.

My particular area of expertise is (backend) coding. This presentation, therefore,
will touch on the following areas of opportunity, completed by gently walking the
audience through each:

  • Why bother contributing
  • Finding an issue to contribute to
  • Understanding and reproducing the issue
  • Writing a (good) patch and export it
  • Updating the issue, attaching the patch
  • Communicating with people you do not know

At the end of the presentation, I hope participants who already contribute to 
Drupal are reassured that the work they are doing is valued and that those who do
not yet contribute will be energised to start.