Tim O Driscoll
IT Manager / Social Media Coordinator
I have over 16 years experience in IT Management, Web Development, Graphic Presentation, Document Management and Project Management.
I have a strong working knowledge of two of the internet’s most popular CMS platforms Drupal and WordPress. I am currently the webmaster of the EIL Drupal website which receives 100k+ visits per year.

In late 2016 I was Invited to Queens University Belfast to Present “Social media Tips & Trick for Business” at the the first ever WordCamp to take place within Northern Ireland. This allowed me to showcase my knowledge of not only Social Media but Web Development and how all these elements can be intertwined to result in a successful online presence.

Don't hold my love of WordPress against me :-) just hear to learn as much about ever CMS and how they can help promote business online through social media and ease of use